Yohako 15kWh Lithium Battery (48V) with 5 Years Warranty

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Upgrade your home energy independence with the Yohako 15kWh Lithium Battery (48v) on Maypatronic. Experience superior performance, reliable backup power, and eco-friendly operation.

This 48v lithium battery boasts extended discharge cycles, a long lifespan, and a space-saving design. Power your future with Yohako today!


Unleash the full potential of your solar energy system with the Yohako 15kWh Lithium Battery (48V). This high-capacity battery stores clean, solar-generated energy throughout the day, ensuring reliable power for your home or business well into the night.

Invest in a smarter tomorrow with Yohako’s Lithium Battery

  • Long-lasting Performance: Enjoy a lifespan of over 6,000 cycles, maximizing your return on investment.
  • Deeper Discharges: Utilize up to usable 90% of the battery’s capacity, ensuring maximum power availability.
  • Superior Safety: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry offers exceptional thermal and chemical stability.
  • Compact Design: The sleek and space-saving design simplifies installation in various locations.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Yohako’s Lithium Battery requires minimal maintenance, freeing up your valuable time.

Embrace Sustainability and Savings

  • Reduce Reliance on the Grid: Store excess solar energy, lowering your dependence on conventional electricity.
  • Weatherproof Construction: Built to endure, the Yohako Battery withstands harsh weather conditions.
  • Peace of Mind During Outages: Enjoy uninterrupted power during grid blackouts, keeping your lights on and appliances running.

Here’s a list of Appliances the Yohako 15kWh Lithium Battery (48V) can Power, along with Estimated Durations:

Appliance Estimated Duration (Based on Average Wattage)
LED Lighting (10W) Up to 1500 hours
Flat Screen TV (100W) Up to 150 hours
Coffee Maker (1200W) Up to 12.5 hours
Microwave (800W) Up to 18.75 hours
Refrigerator (500W) Up to 30 hours
Washing Machine (1100W) Up to 13.6 hours (Note: Washing cycles can vary, so this is an estimate for a typical cycle)
Small Sump Pump (750W) Up to 20 hours (Note: Run time will depend on pump activation cycles)

Important Considerations:

  • These are estimations based on average wattage and may vary depending on the specific appliance model and its actual usage.
  • The 15kWh capacity is usable, so factor in a slight buffer for real-world scenarios.
  • Your inverter efficiency will also impact overall runtime.

Additional Appliances the Yohako 15kwh Lithium Battery Can Power:

  • Laptops (up to several days)
  • Air Conditioner (several hours)
  • Cell Phone Chargers (continuously)
  • Ceiling Fans (several hours)
  • Power Tools (depending on wattage and usage)

Remember: For the most accurate runtime estimates, consult the specific wattage of your appliances and factor in your inverter’s efficiency rating.

Yohako’s Lithium Battery – the key to a sustainable, secure, and cost-effective energy future. Upgrade your solar system today at Maypatronic!


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