Lithium Battery Price in Nigeria

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Showing all 21 results

Are you looking for lithium battery price in Nigeria? Then you’re at the right place.

Lithium-ion batteries are batteries that use Lithium ions. They are also called Li-ion batteries.

Lithium ions go from the negative to the positive electrode. Lithium-ion batteries last longer and are more durable than other batteries. They come in different types with different specifications.

The difference is in their power capacity, measured in volts and Amperes-hours (Ah). The higher the power capacity, the more expensive the battery.

Where to buy Lithium-ion batteries in Nigeria?

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With our premium selection of lithium batteries, you can trust that your devices will have the power they need to keep you moving forward.

Whether you’re a business owner seeking to keep your operation running smoothly or an individual seeking reliable power for your personal devices, Maypatronic NG has you covered.

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What is the Lithium battery price in Nigeria?

The price of lithium-ion batteries in Nigeria varies significantly, with the cost depending on the battery’s capacity and brand. The batteries come in a range of capacities, and as expected, higher capacities attract higher prices.

felicity 3.5kwh lithium battery

For instance, the Felicity 3.5kwh lithium battery 24V 150AH retails at approximately ₦610,000 in the Nigerian market. Conversely, lower capacity batteries are priced differently. The 200Ah price in Nigeria differs significantly from that of a 350Ah battery.

Lithium-ion batteries are available in various specifications, with differences in volt and Amperes-hours capacities. The batteries with higher capacities are costlier.

For all your battery requirements, we recommend that you seek expert advice to determine the best battery for your specific requirements.

What about different types of Lithium-ion batteries?

The cost of Felicity Lithium batteries in Nigeria may differ significantly from other popular brands such as Elfbulb, Blue Carbon, Chevron, and BYD. These reputable brands are well-established within the Lithium-ion battery industry.

It’s worth noting that Lithium batteries come in various specifications, including volt capacity and Amperes-hours (Ah) capacity. Typically, the higher the specifications’ ratings, the more costly the battery will be.

What is Lithium solar battery price in Nigeria?

At Maypatronic NG, we offer a revolutionary product that combines the benefits of rechargeable Li-ion batteries with a solar-powered system for efficient energy storage.

Our Lithium-ion battery options, ranging from ₦1,150,000 to ₦6,000,000, offer varying battery capacities to suit your needs.

With cutting-edge technology, this innovative solution allows for the storage of excess solar energy, making it an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option for energy needs.

At Maypatronic NG, we pride ourselves in offering top-of-the-line products to meet the needs of our clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information about our Lithium-ion batteries and solar-powered systems.


Here’s the lithium battery price in Nigeria with power capacities from 3.5kw to 100kw are shown in the table below.

Power Output/KWH

Price Range

3.5kw ₦1,150,000 – ₦2,000,000
5kw ₦2,294,000 – ₦3,000,000
7.2kw ₦2,750,000 – ₦3,373,000
10kw ₦3,130,000 – ₦3,599,000
12.5kw ₦4,595,000 – ₦5,079,000
15kw ₦4,966,000 – ₦6,550,000
20kw ₦7,899,000 – ₦12,500,000
30kw ₦15,350,000 – ₦20,550,000
50kw ₦21,211,000 – ₦33,999,000
70kw ₦35,255,000 – ₦52,739,000
100kw ₦75,311,000 – ₦100,699,000

How to Get a Lithium-ion battery in Lagos?

Our store sells great batteries that are made by good companies. Our team works hard to make sure our batteries are very good, and we have many different ones at prices that are fair.

If you come to our store in Lagos, you can see them all for yourself. We are sure you will find one you like. If you need help, our team is always there to help you. We appreciate you thinking about us for your battery needs.

Is there a Lithium inverter battery in Nigeria?

Certainly. In Nigeria, lithium inverter batteries are readily available at varying prices. At Maypatronic NG, we pride ourselves in offering top-quality Lithium batteries that will meet your needs.

Our team is committed to providing our customers with exceptional service, and you can rest assured that we will deliver your purchase to any location across Nigeria.

We encourage you to consider purchasing your battery from us as we guarantee quality and affordability.

Felicity Lithium Battery Price in Nigeria

Maypatronic is proud to offer the Felicity Lithium Battery 15kwh 48V to our customers in Nigeria. This exceptional battery has proven to be one of the top-performing Lithium batteries on the market.

felicity 15kwh lithium battery

With the capability to charge using solar panels, it offers a sustainable energy supply to households and businesses alike.

The Felicity Lithium Battery has an impressive 6000 times deep cycle charge and discharge capacity and is constructed with iron phosphate-lithium power battery.

Its higher energy density and smaller volume make this battery an excellent choice for households. Moreover, it supports connected parallel mode for expansion, making it the perfect fit for household photovoltaic systems.

At Maypatronic, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, and the Felicity Lithium Battery 15kwh 48V is no exception.

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