Elfbulb 5kW Lithium Battery (Wall-mounted) EBW-512100

  • Rated volatge: 51.2V
  • Rated power: 5120Wh
  • Series parallel mode: 16S1P
  • Communication port: RS485/RS232/CAN
  • Cycle life: Above 6000 cycles @80%DOD,+/-3500 cycles @100%DOD
  • Design life: 10 years
  • Certification: CE,UN38.3,MSDS
  • Rated capacity: 100Ah
  • Parallel: parallel connection up to 15 packs with full communications
  • Net weight: 44.5KGS
  • Dimension(L*W*H)mm: 555*390*150


Unleash the power of independence with the Elfbulb 5kW Lithium Battery. 

This innovative home energy storage solution provides reliable backup power and maximizes your use of renewable energy, like solar. 

Here’s why Elfbulb is the Perfect Choice for your Home

  • Unmatched Performance: Store a whopping 5kWh of usable energy, enough to power essential appliances during outages.
  • Long-lasting Durability: Experience exceptional cycle life – up to 6,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, ensuring years of dependable performance.
  • Safe and Secure: The Elfbulb battery features advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, known for its stability and safety.
  • Scalable Solution: Need more power? No problem! Connect up to 15 Elfbulb batteries in parallel for a truly customized energy storage system.
  • Flexible Compatibility: Works seamlessly with most inverter brands, making integration into your existing setup a breeze.
  • Smart Monitoring: The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) provides real-time status and performance data, keeping you informed.
  • Easy Installation: The wall-mounted design allows for convenient placement, maximizing your valuable space.

How long will the Elfbulb 5kW Lithium Battery Last?

The lifespan of the Elfbulb 5kW Lithium Battery depends on how you use it, but the description mentions two key factors that influence its longevity:

  • Cycle life: The description states the battery offers up to 6,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. This refers to the number of complete charge and discharge cycles the battery can endure before its capacity falls below 80% of its original level.
  • Depth of discharge: Discharging the battery to its full capacity (100%) more frequently can reduce its overall lifespan. The description mentions 80% depth of discharge, which is a recommended practice to maximize the battery’s life.

Without knowing how often you plan to fully discharge the battery, it’s difficult to give an exact timeframe. 

However, with proper use and staying within the recommended discharge depths, the Elfbulb 5kWh Lithium Battery should provide reliable service for many years, potentially over a decade based on the high cycle life mentioned.

What are the Appliances the Elfbulb 5Kw can Power? 

The Elfbulb 5kW Lithium Battery can power a variety of appliances depending on their wattage and how long you need them to run. 

Here’s a breakdown to give you an idea:

  • Essential Appliances: During a power outage, the Elfbulb 5kW can comfortably run essential appliances like your refrigerator, lights, and even a small TV for several hours.
  • Mid-sized Appliances: Depending on the runtime, the battery can also power mid-sized appliances like a washing machine or a microwave for a complete cycle.
  • Limited High-wattage Appliances: While it can’t continuously power high-wattage appliances like an electric dryer or oven due to their surge power, it might be able to run them for a short period during a power flicker.

Here’s why it’s important to consider wattage and runtime:

  • Wattage: This refers to the amount of power an appliance uses while operating. A typical refrigerator might be around 500 watts, while an electric oven can be several thousand watts.
  • Runtime: The Elfbulb 5kWh battery has a total capacity of 5kWh (kilowatt-hours). This translates to the number of watts it can deliver for one hour. So, if a refrigerator uses 500 watts and the battery is full, it can theoretically run the refrigerator for 10 hours (5kWh / 0.5kW).

For a more precise understanding of what appliances your Elfbulb battery can power and for how long, it’s recommended to:

  1. Check the wattage rating of your appliances. This information is usually printed on a label on the appliance itself or in the user manual.
  2. Calculate the runtime based on wattage and battery capacity. Divide the battery capacity (5kWh) by the appliance wattage to estimate the runtime in hours.

Remember, this is a simplified example. In reality, factors like inverter efficiency and appliance startup surges can affect runtime. Consulting a qualified electrician or solar installer can help you determine the exact capabilities of the Elfbulb battery in your specific situation.

Invest in peace of mind and energy independence. Choose Elfbulb 5kW Lithium Battery the reliable power partner for your home.


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Min Order Qty:

10 sets

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6000 set/month


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