Felicity 5kva Hybrid Inverter 48v with 120A MPPT Charge Controller


  • Bypass charging function, AC charge available When the unit is off.
  • 90-280V AC Wide input voltage.
  • Grid electricity and battery power priority is optional.
  • Higher charging current and adjustment.
  • Communicate with felicity MPPT charge controller.
  • Intelligent protection, higher class of security.


Tired of unreliable power and rising electricity bills? Maypatronic presents the Felicity 5kva Hybrid Inverter 48v with 120A MPPT, your one-stop solution for clean, sustainable, and independent energy.

This powerful inverter seamlessly integrates solar power, grid electricity, and battery backup, empowering you with uninterrupted power and freedom.

Here’s what makes the Felicity 5kva your Ultimate Power Partner

Harness the Sun’s Power:

The built-in 120A MPPT solar charge controller maximizes energy extraction from your solar panels, charging your batteries efficiently for significant cost savings.

Unwavering Backup:

Enjoy uninterrupted power during outages with the inverter’s automatic switch to battery backup. Power your essential appliances like refrigerators, lights, and TVs, ensuring peace of mind even in emergencies.

Flexible Power Source:

Choose between solar, grid, or battery power based on your needs and availability. This versatility allows you to optimize energy consumption and minimize reliance on the grid.

Pure Sine Wave Output:

The inverter generates clean, stable power, protecting your sensitive electronics from damage caused by irregular waveforms.

Smart Battery Management:

The advanced charging system extends battery life and prevents overcharging, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Compact and Efficient:

The lightweight design makes installation easy, while the high-frequency technology delivers superior efficiency and minimizes energy loss.

What can the Felicity 5kva Hybrid Inverter power?

  • Homes: Power essential appliances, lights, and electronics, ensuring comfort and convenience.
  • Small businesses: Maintain operations uninterrupted, protecting your income and productivity.
  • Off-grid living: Achieve energy independence and enjoy the benefits of sustainable living.

How long will the battery backup last?

The backup duration depends on several factors, including:

  • Battery capacity: Choose the appropriate battery size based on your power needs and desired backup time.
  • Appliance usage: The amount of power your appliances consume will affect how long the battery lasts.
  • Solar energy generation: Solar panels can replenish the battery during the day, extending backup time.

Maypatronic is your trusted source for high-quality solar solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how the Felicity 5kva Hybrid Inverter can transform your power experience.


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