Felicity All-In-One P2 60W Solar Street Light


Brighten walkways, parks, and roads with the eco-friendly Felicity P2 60W All-in-One Solar Street Light. This integrated solar lighting solution harnesses the sun’s power for reliable illumination, eliminating the need for complex wiring and trenching.

Featuring a high-efficiency solar panel and long-lasting LiFePO4 battery, the P2 60W delivers powerful, consistent light throughout the night. Its intelligent MPPT controller maximizes solar energy capture, while the Philips LED chips ensure exceptional brightness.

Easy to install and maintain, the P2 60W is a cost-effective and sustainable way to illuminate your outdoor spaces.


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • All-in-one design for easy installation
  • High-efficiency solar panel and long-lasting battery
  • Powerful and consistent illumination
  • Intelligent MPPT controller for maximized solar energy capture
  • Philips LED chips for exceptional brightness
  • Cost-effective and low maintenance


Harness the power of the sun and illuminate your walkways, parks, or even private roads with the revolutionary Felicity All-In-One P2 60W Solar Street Light. This innovative light boasts a seamless design, integrating the solar panel, LED light source, and high-capacity Lithium battery into a single, easy-to-install unit.

Here’s what makes the Felicity P2 60w Shine

Eco-Friendly Power:

Enjoy bright, clean illumination without ever needing an electricity bill. The high-efficiency solar panel (over 22% efficiency) captures sunlight and converts it into power, storing it in the long-life LiFePO4 battery for nighttime operation.

Powerful Illumination:

The 60W LED lamp, equipped with Philips chips, delivers exceptional brightness (up to 180 lumens per watt) with a cool white color temperature (6500K) for optimal visibility.

Intelligent Control:

The integrated MPPT controller maximizes charging efficiency by up to 30%, ensuring you get the most out of your sunlight hours.

Durable Design for Felicity P2 60w:

Built to withstand the elements, the Felicity P2 boasts an IP65 waterproof rating and a wide operating temperature range (0-55°C).

Hassle-Free Installation:

The all-in-one design eliminates the need for complex wiring or special light poles. Simply mount the unit and enjoy the convenience of solar power.

With a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours, the Felicity P2 60W Solar Street Light is a long-lasting, sustainable lighting solution. Perfect for illuminating pathways, parks, parking lots, and private roads, this solar wonder provides bright, reliable light while reducing your dependence on the grid.

More than just illumination, the Felicity P2 60w is an investment in a brighter future

Here are the benefits of solar street lights highlighted against traditional street lights.

Sustainable Power:

Unlike traditional street lights that rely on non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, the P2 harnesses the clean energy of the sun. This reduces your dependence on the grid and minimizes your environmental impact.


Solar street lights eliminate the need for expensive electricity bills, and the long lifespan of the P2 minimizes maintenance costs.

Reduced Light Pollution:

Unlike traditional lights that can cast unwanted glare, solar lights with directional LEDs provide targeted illumination, reducing light pollution and creating a more natural nighttime environment.

Remote and Easy Installation:

No need for complex trenching and electrical wiring like traditional street lights. The P2’s all-in-one design simplifies installation, making it perfect for remote locations or areas with limited access to the grid.

Increased Reliability:

Solar street lights are independent of the grid, so they continue to function even during power outages, providing a reliable source of nighttime illumination.

Invest in a greener future with the Felicity P2 60W Solar Street Light from Maypatronic. 

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